List of Services

Data Modeling

Does your operation depend on modeling a process or predicting a specific value in the future?

Data Bindu LLC specializes in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence applications, and actively seeks to push the boundaries of what is possible with data.

Descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and or prescriptive analytics possible.

Data Visualization

Need to visualize your data?

Data Bindu LLC focuses on presenting data in an intuitive manner.

Target Marketing

Facebook ads: video or image

Motion graphics

Lower third graphics

Client or customer data integration

Facebook lookalike audiences

Market Research

Is there added value in knowing more about a particular market?

Data Bindu LLC can gather relevant data from government and public datasets alike, and aggregate it as needed.

Process Automation

Looking for areas to improve efficiency within a business? Or looking to digitize a workflow or process?

Look no further, Data Bindu LLC looks to maximize efficiency and opportunity within an operation—based on data and know-how.

Data-based Business Quizzes

How well do you know your own data? Want to put that knowledge to the test?

Data Bindu LLC can create quizzes based on your data to test your operational knowledge. This provides the first step to understanding your operation from a data perspective, which can subsequently be used to make informed decisions.

Independent Data Auditor

Need a second opinion? Or a data audit?

Data Bindu LLC can provide a second opinion and recommendations essential for success in whatever endeavor.

Natural language processing

Eager to know what customers really think about your business or process?

Use feedback (tweets, reviews, search trends) to measure customer satisfaction and fix errors—or expedite existing systems.


If it relates to software, data, or automation it's probable that Data Bindu LLC can help! Let's talk.